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In this brand new member-exclusive online learning series, you will learn how to build a better fashion brand across the value chain, from design decisions to buying and manufacturing, and the key metrics for measuring success.

Masterclass 1: The Baseline, with Better Work’s Tara Rangarajan and sustainability consultant Michael Sadowski, hosted by Sarah Kent.

What exactly is a sustainable business? How do you establish a business model that is responsible to people and the planet and still turns a profit? Episode one establishes the baseline for responsible and sustainable business practices in fashion.

Masterclass 1: Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees should be able to:

  • Explain the framework for establishing a responsible business model
  • Identify ways to overcome the challenges associated with responsibility

Guest Speakers

  • Tara Rangarajan, Head of Communications, Brand Relationships and Country Programmes, Better Work
  • Michael Sadowski, Strategy & Sustainability Advisor

Read up on the latest sustainability news and analysis from BoF here.

To prepare for the upcoming webinar:
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Stay tuned for the next monthly masterclass of BoF’s online learning series How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Masterclass 2: Designing with Difference

Key questions answered

  • What materials, design processes and choices can minimise a garment’s environmental impact?
  • How can design align with doing social good?

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the impact of design decisions
  • Classify elements of the design process that can be changed to improve social and environmental impact

Masterclass 3: Tracking and Traceability

Key questions answered

  • What transparency and traceability strategies are required to effect meaningful change?
  • Why is traceability so challenging?

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how transparency is linked to responsibility
  • Identify supply chain improvements

Masterclass 4: Buying Better

Key questions answered

  • How do you buy responsibly?
  • What best practices enable the entire supply chain to act responsibly?

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify collaborative models to drive change
  • Propose improvements to partner relationships

Masterclass 5: The Case for Culture

Key questions answered

  • How do companies create a culture that drives responsible business practices?
  • What should companies be focusing on and why?

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify factors that enable more inclusive and responsible operations
  • Establish measurable objectives

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